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Jaya Kasturi

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Wanderlust 2021

Qualification Period
Trip Dates

Come join us for a trip to Cabo San Lucas! 

You have so much to look forward to in 2021! Earn a 4 Day / 3 Night stay, plus airfare, to this luxurious location and join us as we get out and see the world again. Every market is hosting their own unique experiences in their own reserved locations – find out how you get there below.

Qualifications – Earn 20 Points to Qualify

There are three ways to earn points: 

1. Selling Product  

You must have a minimum of 3 points from selling. 

  • To earn 1 point: During the qualification period, sell a minimum of 40PV worth of product to 5 new personally enrolled Customers or Distributors, of which the cumulative PV must be 500 or more. 

2. Rank Advance 

  • Achieve the rank in a given calendar month to receive allotted points. 
Achieve Rank: Receive Points: 
Pro 3 
Premier Pro 46
Premier Pro 59
Premier Pro 612
Elite Pro 715
Elite Pro 818
Elite Pro 921

3. Maintain Rank 

  • Maintain that rank in any subsequent month during the qualification period to receive allotted points.
Achieve Rank: Receive Points: 
Pro 3 
Premier Pro 49
Premier Pro 512
Premier Pro 615
Elite Pro 718
Elite Pro 821
Elite Pro 924

Additional Requirements: 

  1. A minimum of 3 points must be earned from selling product. 
  2. All Distributors outside of the EU and UK must be paid at a minimum PRO 4 in the month of June to attend the trip month

What Your Points Give You

 20 Points 25 Points 30 Points 35 Points 40 Points 
  4-day / 3-night stay 
  Airfare* for 1 
  Airfare* for 2  
  Activity for 2     
  Extra Spending Cash†    $200 $500 
*Up to $500 per person, the maximum earnings are at the 40-point tier, you cannot exceed these earnings with higher points.    
†Cash amounts are indicated in USD and will be reflective of USD equivalent in local market currency

For Elites

Existing Elite Distributors (defined as having Pin Rank of Pro 7 or above at the end of December) who were paid below their Pin rank for the 6 months prior to the Promotion Start Date (June 2020 through December 2020) will be rewarded the following maintenance points for each month they are paid at their Pin Rank during the promotion period:

  • Pro 7 – 18 pts
  • Pro 8 – 21 pts
  • Pro 9 or above – 24 pts

Existing Elite Distributors will also receive the following points if their New Enrollments (who placed qualifying enrollment orders of 40 PV or more) grow by an accumulative 25,000 or more during the promo period:

  • 25,000 volume growth – 20 pts
  • 30,000 volume growth – 25 pts
  • 35,000 volume growth – 30 pts
  • 40,000 volume growth – 35 pts
  • 50,000+ volume growth – 40 pts
Terms & Conditions
  • Qualifying positions are non-transferable, non-refundable and are only valid for those listed on the account.
  • Program is available to only Distributors.  
  • Distributorship must be in good standing to participate in the program.  
  • Eligible participants certify and acknowledge that they don’t have claims tied to other promotions (release of claims).  
  • An enrollment order cannot be placed by the personal sponsor and/or upline.  
  • Each of the required 5 new enrollments (Customers or Distributors) must have product volume associated with their purchase. (Start kits purchased without product do not have volume and therefore do not count towards the qualification)  
  • For each of the points earned from the selling of product to new customers and distributors the minimum volume requirement on each order is 40 to count towards the cumulative volume requirement.  
  • Must have a minimum of 3 points on the new sales volume requirement in order to earn the trip.  
  • Qualifying Pro 2s or Pro 3s cannot be stacked within the organization to count for qualifying rank advancements for the rewards (definition of stacking = Placing one sponsored distributor under another personally sponsored distributor within the same leg and attempting to use the same volume to qualify multiple accounts). Stacking will result in disqualification from the program.  
  • Notification of earned rewards will be sent via email and paid out through each country’s method of commission payment period once they have achieved the qualification (i.e. Achieve in September, award paid in October Commission payment).  
  • Business Centers 1, 2 and 3 are eligible to participate in the program. However, only one business center can earn the trip.  
  • Orders that are returned will not count toward promotion qualification.  
  • New sales volume for the enroller portion payout can be earned through new sales volume from personally enrolled Customers or Distributors.  
  • To be eligible to participate in the program, qualifiers have to be within the US (incl. Puerto Rico) Canada (excluding Quebec), Mexico, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan.  
  • This promotion may be modified or cancelled at any time at the sole discretion of LifeVantage Corporation or its affiliates.  
  • Before being declared the confirmed winner, all potential winners will be required to correctly answer 4 LifeVantage Trivia questions correctly.  
  • LifeVantage reserves the right to change the program at any time, interpret the rules of the program, and has final decision in the event of any disputes regarding the qualification requirements and inclusions. 

¹ The Distributor sales earnings disclosed are potential gross earnings and not net of other business expenses and not necessarily representative of the actual income, if any, that a Distributor can or will earn through the LifeVantage Sales Compensation Plan. A Distributor’s earnings will depend on individual diligence, work effort and market conditions. LifeVantage does not guarantee any income or rank success. See the Average Annual Earnings Disclosure for detailed earnings information per rank.

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